‘What is a Penderyn Place?’

Things have changed for Penderyn since we started distilling in 2000. We used to know the bars that sold our products by name, but now it’s fair to say we’re pretty much everywhere in Wales, and present in many bars across the UK.

Some places remain particularly close. For example, Penderyn has a very close relationship with The Brown’s in Laugharne – Dylan Thomas’ ‘strangest town in Wales’ – and its sister business The New Three Mariners next door. The Brown’s offers luxury B&B and an iconic bar whilst the Mariners offers everything you’d want from a busy local pub. Nearer to home, The Glancynon Inn in Hirwaun is where the Penderyn Distillery story began, and also close to our hearts is the Old Barn Inn, in Llanmartin.

Today Penderyn is sold in bars across the globe, but special mention has to go to the three Welsh bars in New York: Snowdonia in Astoria, and the Longbow and the Sunken Hundred in Brooklyn. In each you can find a warm Welsh welcome, and plenty of Penderyn, naturally.

Sunken Hundred